About Us

Welcome to Ford’s Wicked Classic Autos! We can make your event happen with vintage car rentals (and always count on Ford’s for fresh-off-the-hook seafood catering!)

If your event in Northern Virginia needs a bit of a flare, contact Ford’s Fish Shack.

Our Story: We opened the very first Ford’s Fish Shack in Ashburn, VA. The concept for the restaurant was simple: Create a comfortable and friendly fish shack like the many that are scattered along the New England coast. We envisioned a neighborhood restaurant with an outstanding seafood selection served by remarkably friendly staff and we knew we had to serve the freshest fish, lobstah, and Ipswich clams. So with a vision, some of the best seafood we could find, and twenty-four like-minded employees, we courageously set out to amaze whomever we had the privilege to serve.

Over the past ten years, Ford’s Fish Shack has grown exponentially from its infancy. With our third location booming in Lansdowne and a catering division added to our offerings (Ford’s Wicked Catering), however, we still have the same goal. We are still on the phone every day with the fishmongerers tracking down the freshest seafood for our guests. Whether it’s clams from Massachusetts, Halibut from Alaska, Grouper from Florida, or shrimp from North Carolina, we only accept the freshest of the fresh. This is sometimes a difficult task, as weather and seasonal fishing closures can make it virtually impossible to get some of our specialties. Nonetheless, we promise to always use sustainable practices to bring you the freshest seafood.

Given the great waves we’ve made since that very first autumn day, we want to take a moment to thank the people who have brought Ford’s Fish Shack into reality. We would not have been able to make it without the help of Wayne, Vladimir, Joy, Rogelio, Andy, and Michelle. Our culinary team consisting of Felix, Jose, Joaquin, Emner, Allan, and Romeo also deserve a big thanks for keeping our kitchens running smoothly.

Lastly, we are very thankful to each and every one of our guests who gave us a chance in the beginning, and even more grateful for those who still keep coming back to dine at Ford’s Fish Shack. If we want the readers of this guide to understand anything, it’s that we are honored to have earned our community’s trust as one of their favorite neighborhood restaurants. We promise that we will continue to strive in making the dining experience of our guests, friends, and family as outstanding as it can be!